Sales Representative 5000 — 8000
Department: Social recruitment
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  • No limit
  • Junior high school
  • Full time
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Description of position:

1. Recruitment


Sales Representative


Job responsibilities: (base salary 5000+)

Mainly responsible for the company's sales of water-soluble fertilizers, slow-release fertilizers and other new fertilizer products.


job requirements:

1. Majors in soil fertilizer (agricultural resources and environment), agronomy, horticulture, plant protection, marketing and other majors in agricultural colleges and universities are preferred;

2. College degree or above, with more than 1 year of industry experience;

3. Love sales, have strong communication skills, can bear hardships and stand hard work.



2. Benefits



Basic salary (4500-8000 yuan/month), performance commission, year-end achievement award (1% of total performance), travel subsidy (accommodation and catering 200-300 yuan/day), transportation subsidy


Employee Benefits

1. Basic welfare

Five social insurance and one housing fund, one commercial insurance, two weekends off, paid annual leave, and rest on statutory holidays

Meal subsidy, transportation subsidy, mobile phone subsidy

2. Humanistic welfare

Regular physical examination, birthday benefits, holiday benefits, team travel, marriage and childbirth gifts, talent growth and cultivation plan

3. Special benefits

Overseas study opportunities, Wintong second-generation fund cultivation subsidies, family visit subsidies, year-end bonuses


future plan

The company provides employees with two opportunities for promotion each year, which can develop vertically and horizontally, and has a complete career development system to encourage and help employees achieve career development.


Three, contact us


Contact number: 021-52653008

Recruitment email:

Contact address: Room 306, Building 3, No. 879, Zhongjiang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

WeChat public account: 


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