Website legal terms

Website legal terms

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Copyright Notice

All content published on the website of Shanghai Wintong Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. ( ), including but not limited to articles, pictures, charts, logos, logos, domain names, software, programs, layout design, column catalogs The classification standards for names, content, and all information provided to users are subject to the copyright, trademark, and The protection of patent rights and other property ownership laws is exclusively owned or held by Shanghai Wintong and related rights holders.

Users who reprint or use the content and services provided by Shanghai Wintong website must obtain the written consent of Shanghai Wintong and related rights holders, and indicate the author and article source "Shanghai Wintong". Without authorization, any other individual or organization shall not use Any form of reprinting, copying, editing or publishing of Shanghai Wintong's resources for any other occasions; do not distribute any form of information to other parties, otherwise, the infringement liability will be investigated.



There are links to other web pages on the web pages of this website. Shanghai Wintong is not responsible for the content, privacy policy or operation of any other websites, or the actions of the companies operating these websites. Before providing personal information to these websites, please check their privacy and legal policies.



In addition to the terms of service indicated on this website, any accident, negligence, contract damage, defamation, computer virus infection, copyright or other intellectual property disputes caused by the use of this website or any other website or webpage connected to this website This website is not responsible for the losses caused, and does not assume any legal responsibility.

This website is not responsible for the completeness and appropriateness of the information on this website for any special purpose, or for addition, deletion, combination or other editing. All the information provided on this website is provided according to the current situation at the time, and the duty of care has been exercised when publishing. In case of any information changes, this website does not need to be notified separately.


legal validity

If a clause in this statement is deemed illegal, invalid or not legally enforceable for some reason, this clause does not affect the legal validity of other clauses.


Privacy statement

The website of Shanghai Wintong Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. ( , hereinafter referred to as "this website") promises, respects and protects the privacy of users. This statement discloses the collection, use and protection policies of this website for users' personal information, please read it carefully.

The information we collect through is limited to the company's internal use for the following purposes:

1) Provide personalized online services

2) Provide you with information about our products and services

3) Understand market conditions

4) Understand the use of this website


collect message

User non-personalized information

We will collect non-personalized information through your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, the type of operating system, and the domain name of the ISP that provides you with access services, to optimize the page displayed on your computer screen. By collecting the above-mentioned information, we also conduct statistics on passenger flow, thereby improving website management and services.

Personalized information

When you fill in information on this website, with your consent and confirmation, this website will record your personal information through online messages and recruitment platforms. These personal information include:

1) Personal identification information: such as name, mobile phone number, email, address, etc.

2) Personal background: occupation, position, education level, etc.



Information security and quality

This website will strictly manage and protect the information you provide. This website will use corresponding technologies to prevent your personal information from being lost, stolen or tampered with.


Update and access information

We may revise our privacy policy from time to time. These changes will be reflected in this statement. Any modification will put your satisfaction first. We encourage you to review our privacy policy every time you visit a page on this website.

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