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Research and development of science and technology

"Strong scientific research leads to strong enterprises, thriving talents leads to thriving enterprises", the company headquarters is located in central, Shanghai. Its innovation center covers an area of 2140 square meters,and won the title of "enterprise technology center". The company has been R & D and technological innovation into the strategic core of long-term development of enterprises.At present, Shanghai Wintong has 15 national patents, nearly 100 successfully registered trademarks, dozens of applications for national scientific research projects, dozens of published papers.At the same time of strengthening its development and innovation ability, to actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation, with Nanjing soil research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai chemical industry research institute, Shanghai Jiaotong university, Xiamen university, Nanjing agricultural university, Huazhong agricultural university, the national well-known universities and research institutions institutions established close relations of cooperation and communication.
We have been walking on the road of pursuing perfection......

Experiment and demonstration

Carry out planting technology training in the company's headquarters, market branches and fields, disseminate agricultural science and technology, and improve the level of agricultural technology of agricultural materials operators and farmers.Every year, the company establishes more than 500 experimental demonstration fields across the country, and holds nearly 300 observation sessions to show the use methods and product effects of slow and controlled release fertilizer and water-soluble fertilizer products. Through advanced envelope slow and controlled release technology and water-fertilizer integrated fertilization technology, the company is committed to improving the utilization rate of fertilizer and increasing the income of farmers.Through the experiment and demonstration, the agricultural science knowledge has been popularized for farmers, and the fertilization management concept of farmers has been constantly changed.In the past five years, the average yield increased by 8.9% and the income of farmers increased by 12.4%.

Technology popularization

Shanghai Wintong has dozens of agronomists with rich practical experience, who guide planting technology for farmers in the field all year round, carry out lectures on agronomy and agricultural technology knowledge, and spread advanced agricultural knowledge. In the past five years, the average annual technical training for farmers is nearly 400, training more than 10,000 farmers.


Soil testing fertilization

Shanghai Wintong has a laboratory certified by CNAS, which conducts soil nutrient analysis for farmers across the country, and formulates nutrient management plans for farmers during the whole growth period according to soil nutrient content.At the same time, according to the soil nutrient content and the characteristics of crop fertilizer needs to develop a number of crop fertilizers.

Agricultural technology consulting

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