Talent concept

Talent concept

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A scholar has a hundred lines to put morality first

Talent is an important resource for enterprises, and good moral accomplishment is the foundation of people's lifelong development.Respect talents, make good use of them, cultivate them, let them play their inherent potential and realize their own value.We adhere to the employment standard of "having both ability and integrity and putting morality first" and the selection method of "openness, competition and selection of the best", so as to build a diversified elite team for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

People make the best use of their talents

Adhering to the people-oriented business philosophy, with broad prospects for the development of cohesion, with a good target to motivate people, through the establishment of scientific talent mechanism, build good talents growth environment, for every employee to provide a sufficient talent stage, make all kinds of talents are the best chance to own success, realize self value.

Innovation is the foundation for excellence

The company attaches great importance to talented people with ability and ideas, and firmly believes that innovation is an important factor for enterprises to adapt to the market environment and achieve sustainable development. We encourage everyone to give full play to their ability, continue to innovate, adhere to the concept of only better development, and keep moving forward!

Everyone cares about talents on an equal basis

Equal competition, survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest, follow the normal law of talent growth, respect the development of employees' personality, encourage employees to improve their skills, recognize the achievements of employees, care about the growth and development of employees, realize the career planning and dreams of employees.

Develop together and share success

Adhere to the concept that development depends on employees, development for employees, and development results are shared with employees, so as to realize the common development of enterprises and employees and share a win-win situation of success.Every achievement of Wintong depends on the efforts of Wintong people. We promise that you will get due respect and reward for every minute of hard work and effort in Wintong!

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