Training and Development

Training and Development

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Employee training

The company insists on the cultivation of "internal training supplemented the external culture" principle, through the talent training and development plan, reasonably mining, development, cultivating the company strategic reserve talented person troop, set up the company's talent team provide wisdom and ability for sustainable development for the company's capital support, meet the demand of employees' career development.

The company has always attached great importance to the education and training of employees. In order to make the training and learning practical, the company carries out various skills training for different positions, and is committed to providing employees with a better learning and working platform, so that everyone can achieve stable long-term development and common development and progress with the enterprise.

Employee development

Our company has always attached great importance to talent, emphasizing that "employees are an important resource of the enterprise", insisting that to produce products that satisfy customers, we must first cultivate an outstanding team.Career development planning is the unity of long-term interests of enterprises and employees. The company points out the direction of career development for its employees, designs career development channels, strengthens the reserve talent echelon training of key positions, builds a core team, and realizes the long-term stability of talents.

Company on the way of enterprise development strategy, is clear about the different position of qualifications, combined with the long-term development of the enterprise vision and personal career goals, design clear, clear and fair for staff career development channel, and combined with staff training, performance management, forms the enterprise talent team construction plan, improve the staff of the enterprise a sense of belonging and reduce staff turnover, To realize the sustainable development of human resources.


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