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  • Special fertilizer, what market opportunities should we pay attention to in 2020?
    As the "two sessions" (Qingdao Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer, Fuzhou National Plant Protection Association) of the agricultural materials industry ended, I believe that the deepest impression to everyone is that special fertilizers are on the rise, especially the National Plant Protection Association. As the main battlefield of the special fertilizer exhibition, as a company or distributor, which special fertilizer products should be paid attention to in the future? The first category: Humic acid market. I personally understand that 2019 is the first year of a full-scale outbreak of humic acid, which is mainly affected by several factors, one is the mechanism of action of humic acid itself, and the other is the replacement of traditional fertilizers. With the new "Pesticide Management Regulations", "Regulation of Plant Growth in Fertilizers"
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    Waste fertilizer packaging begins to be recycled! What are the responsibilities of producers, sellers and users?
    In order to fulfill the responsibility of fertilizer producers, sellers and users for the recycling of fertilizer packaging waste, promote the recycling of fertilizer packaging waste. A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs "Guiding Opinions on the Recycling of Fertilizer Packaging Waste" publicly solicited opinions. Since the founding of New China, my country's fertilizer industry has developed rapidly and has become a major fertilizer production and consumption country. However, in the process of fertilizer use, some fertilizer packages are randomly discarded, buried or incinerated after use, which has adverse effects on agricultural production and rural ecological environment. The "Opinions" show that in accordance with the general requirements of the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, firmly establish a new development concept to recycle

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